Dealing With A Silverfish Infestation

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Dealing With A Silverfish Infestation

28 June 2017
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If you have noticed signs of a silverfish problem inside of your home, it is likely you will want to take steps in eradicating them completely. While these insects do not cause injuries to people, they could cause damage to paper products. They are also annoying to deal with in large numbers. Here are some tips you can use to eliminate silverfish from inside of your home for good.

Set Some Glass Traps To Catch The Pests

Silverfish can be trapped inside of glass jars. Wind a piece of two-sided tape around a jar from the bottom to the lid area. Place a piece of bread or a bit of a roll inside of the container and leave it in an area where you had noticed silverfish in the past. Do not place a lid on the container. Since silverfish are nocturnal, they will check out the trap during the nighttime hours when no one is around to see them. The tape will allow them to walk up the side of the jar so they can access the bread inside. The smooth surface of the interior however, will make it difficult for the pests to crawl back out.

Try Enticing Silverfish With Newspaper

Silverfish will congregate in spots where cellulose is present. They often harbor inside of books or behind wallpaper. Moist paper attracts these pests. Roll up a newspaper and secure it with a rubber band on each end. Use a misting bottle to add moisture directly to the newsprint and set the bundle in a dark area in your home. In the morning, place the newspaper inside of a metal waste receptacle and burn it outdoors. This process can be repeated for several nights and days, helping to minimize the number of these pests from your home.

Call A Professional To Remove Pests

A pest control service will work diligently at removing a silverfish problem from your home. They will give you recommendations on how to minimize the amount of moisture in spots where these pests were noticed. This can be done with dissidents, dehumidifiers, and fans. You will need to do evaluations of moist areas in your home often to make sure silverfish have not returned after a pest control service eliminates them. If signs are noticed, another call may be necessary. The service will do a detailed evaluation of the home to help in finding the areas where these pests are harbored and thriving.

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