Three Pest Control Tips

Welcome to my site about pest control. I will use this site to focus on the pests that consume blood and leave a trail of itchy welts in their wake.

Three Pest Control Tips

12 April 2018
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Pes problems can be a very disruptive problem for a homeowner to encounter. These insects and rodents can cause extensive damage to the property while also creating very unsanitary conditions. Yet, there are some basic steps that may be able to greatly reduce the prevalence of pests, but homeowners will frequently neglect some of the steps that could otherwise help them with mitigating these issues.

Keep Firewood Away From The House

The location where you store your firewood is a particularly important factor in mitigating the risk of your home developing pest problems. When firewood is stored too close to the house, it can attract termites, ants, and roaches. These pests will be able to quickly find their way into the house once they make it to the firewood. Preventing this source of pest problems will require the firewood being kept as far from the house as possible. Furthermore, you should make sure to remove any firewood that starts to become severely rotted as this can be especially attractive to pests. For these reasons, you should inspect your stored firewood every few weeks to look for signs of serious rotting or pest infestations.

Sanitize The Garbage Bin After Each Time It Is Emptied

The garbage bins can be another major source of pest problems. These bins will often become extremely unsanitary and develop foul odors. A key step in preventing pest problems for your home will be to have these garbage bins sanitized after each time that they are emptied. Ideally, this will involve thoroughly rinsing and washing the interior of the garbage bins. However, if your schedule does not allow for this work, you may be able to accomplish similar results by spraying the interior of the bin with an antiseptic spray. This option will only be practical when the interior of the garbage bin is relatively clean.

Have The Property Professionally Treated

Regularly treating the entire premises for pests can be an extremely effective option if you are wanting to mitigate the problems pests can cause. During these treatments, a professional will apply the suitable pesticides for neutralizing the pests that are most likely to target the various areas of the home and property. By having these treatments done at least every couple of months, you can be sure that there are effective pesticides present. Prior to these professionals starting the process of treating your property, you should inform them of any pets that you have so that they can opt for pesticide products that will be as safe as possible.

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