3 Tips For Keeping Pests Out Of Restaurants

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3 Tips For Keeping Pests Out Of Restaurants

21 June 2018
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Restaurants are prime targets for pests because they are a potential refuge with an unlimited food supply. To prevent your restaurant from turning into a nightmare, regular pest prevention and proper maintenance of your establishment will keep your restaurant pest-free.

1. Start With Prevention

Before you open your restaurant, you should consider having the building inspected for any structural issues that may promote a pest problem. Certain times of year can make pests virtually invisible, such as during the warmer months. Once the weather begins to cool, you might start noticing problems if there are vulnerabilities in the structure, because pests will often seek refuge inside the building where it is warmer. 

Part of your prevention should include a professional inspection for pest control. A pest control company may want to start by spraying the inside of the property so any pests, mainly roaches, can be killed promptly. You must also consider that roaches can easily be brought in by diners. If this occurs, prophylactic spraying can stop a problem before it starts.

2. Keep A Clean Kitchen

When restaurants fail to keep their establishment clean, it most often occurs in the kitchen because it is an area the public does not see. It is imperative to do regular cleanings of the kitchen, which includes daily washing of cookware and dinnerware, in addition to prep areas and cooking surfaces. Some areas of the kitchen may not need daily cleaning, such as grease traps, but this can vary depending on how quickly grease accumulates. Doing a quick mopping of the kitchen floor each night will prevent grease and other debris from accumulating, making it harder to clean later. Similarly, wipe down the walls regularly, especially if they are behind cooking areas that might splatter grease and food particles.

3. Mind Your Walk-In

Another area that can be neglected in restaurants is the walk-in refrigerators and freezers. When these appliances are not functioning properly and/or become a wasteland for rotting food, they also attract pests. Keep a thermometer inside each walk-in to make sure it is always at the proper temperature to keep foods safe. Labeling and rotating products in the refrigerator and freezer will minimize the amount of food that goes bad and helps your walk-ins stay clean. 

When new products are brought in, label them with the date. If you still have old product when you purchase new items, it is generally best to store the new product behind the old ones, so the older items can be used before they spoil and are not inadvertently shoved behind other items. Keeping items labeled will also make it easier to glance at your walk-ins each day and toss out items that are no longer good.

Having a pest problem at a restaurant is the fastest way to go out of business. Thorough inspections of your restaurant, combined with a clean environment will help you prevent a pest problem. For more information, contact a company like Paffy's Pest Control.

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