Desert Pest Control Concerns

Welcome to my site about pest control. I will use this site to focus on the pests that consume blood and leave a trail of itchy welts in their wake.

Desert Pest Control Concerns

15 January 2019
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If you live in more of a desert region, then you are going to have your normal types of pests to worry about, but you may also have some other unpleasant pesky creatures paying your home a visit. Some of them can bring some nasty bites with them. Some others may not bite, but can be scary to find inside. Here are some of the types of pests you may find yourself running into when you live in a desert region.

Scorpions – Scorpions can be commonly found outside in desert regions. While it's not common to end up with a scorpion infestation inside the home, it is common to find scorpions in the house from time to time. Even with scorpions that aren't considered to be poisonous, there are many people who are allergic to their sting, and this makes them a danger.

Tarantulas – Tarantulas prefer to not be bothered, so they tend to do a good job of living where they aren't likely to be found. However, don't be surprised to see one near the eave of your home or somewhere else. A tarantula bite would be considered to be a poisonous one, but not a deadly one. However, for certain individuals who are sensitive to the venom, the bite could be fatal, and emergency medical care would be crucial.

Rodents – Rodents are everywhere. However, when you live in the desert, you are more likely to find rodents coming toward or even inside of your home looking for food, water, and a break from the extreme heat. Although rare, rats can carry rabies, and their feces can carry illnesses also, such as the Hantavirus.

Coyotes – Coyotes can be a real problem. Especially these days, more coyotes are getting driven from their homes, and they go into the cities looking for easy food. If you have small animals, it is very important that you don't leave them outside alone or they can become a meal for a coyote. Also, in rare instances, coyotes can be so brazen they have been known to try to take small dogs while the owner is walking them on a leash, so always walk with a large stick or pepper spray when walking a small dog.

Vinegaroon – A vinegaroon is a type of spider that is quite common in certain desert regions. These spiders can be quite aggressive, even chasing you when you run into one. When they bite, they release an acid that is similar to vinegar and causes the bite to sting. Some people claim after they are bitten, they taste vinegar in their mouths, while others debate this, stating they didn't experience the taste of vinegar.

A great way to deter these pests is to have a pest control company spray regularly and to put a tall fence around your home. Also, don't put your trash out until the last minute, and have a locking lid on the trash can.

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