Can You Control Termites Yourself?

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Can You Control Termites Yourself?

1 December 2021
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Yes, it's possible to control your termite problem without professional exterminators. You'll need professional-grade termite control products, equipment, and extermination guides. With this combination, you should manage to eradicate your termite problem, right? 

Not necessarily, because termite control isn't as easy as they make it sound on DIY channels and blogs. Here is why.

The Volume of Products Used 

Typically, if you opt for DIY termite control, you'll buy a few liters of the professional-grade termiticide. This amount of insecticide isn't enough to cover your entire property. Remember that termites are very destructive; thus, if you apply the insecticide to some areas and leave others, you'll not exterminate the entire colony. Over time, the colony will repopulate and continue to destroy your home. 

However, if you hire a termite control professional, they'll inspect your home and determine the number of products needed to exterminate the termite colonies. The volume needed can run into hundreds of liters. This means that your few liters would be ineffective. 

Warranty Offered 

Over-the-counter termite control products rarely have warranties, and if they do, it's limited. Once you use the products, you're on your own. If it doesn't work as expected, you can buy additional products or hire a termite control professional. 

Alternatively, you can hire a professional exterminator who will work with you to get rid of your termite problem. If the professional adds a chemical termite barrier, you'll have a warranty.  

Effectiveness of the Termite Control Method 

When using any termite control method, you have to confirm whether the method is effective against the size of the colony infesting your home. Also, you need to confirm whether it's a fast-acting or long-term solution. 

For example, if you opt for a termite repellent that doesn't kill termites, it won't be as effective as a termiticide. The termites can avoid the repellant and find a way onto your property. Also, if you don't kill the queen of the colony, it can repopulate, and you'll have to deal with the infestation again. 

This is why termite control should be left to the professionals. They're better equipped at handling massive termite colonies and understand how to offer long-term solutions. If you have a termite problem, contact your local termite exterminators for an inspection. You need to understand how big the colony is and the level of damage it has inflicted on your home. 

With this information, you can choose a termite control method that's effective for the colony size. 

For more information on termite control, contact a professional near you.

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