Pest Extermination: 4 Ways Professionals Eliminate Stink Bugs

Welcome to my site about pest control. I will use this site to focus on the pests that consume blood and leave a trail of itchy welts in their wake.

Pest Extermination: 4 Ways Professionals Eliminate Stink Bugs

16 September 2022
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Did you know that stink bugs can distort the sweet scents of freshly baked pies and scented candles in your home? With some bugs, a quick smash with your flip-flops can help eliminate the menace. However, stink bugs are notorious. When squashed, they give off a pungent smell that can make your indoor space uncomfortable. So, how do you control or eliminate stink bugs? The following are some ways professional pest extermination specialists keep the bugs at bay. 

1. Chemical Extermination 

If bugs have already made their way into your home, you'll need to leave the extermination tasks to the experts. Although chemical control can be hazardous when incorrectly handled and applied, specialists have adequate experience and skills to use pesticides appropriately. The specialists might also apply organic pest extermination solutions, which involve using eco-friendly products. Regardless of your preferred solution, you can count on the specialists to find relevant products and strategies to eliminate stink bugs. 

2. Limiting Infestation 

The pest control specialists will inspect your home to determine how the stink bugs invaded your home. This is an excellent place to begin when exterminating pests in your home because if you don't lock them out, your extermination efforts will be wasted. The specialists will seal cracks on your walls, siding, and windows. They might also ask you to repair and sweep the chimney to keep the bugs out. They might also recommend installing screens on doors and windows to allow ventilation while preventing bug entry into the house. These measures are an ideal solution for the long-term management of stink bugs.

3. Setting Traps and Baits

The pest extermination experts might set traps around your property for smaller-scale infestations. Stink bugs are good fliers, so you cannot depend on traps to eliminate severe infestation. Baits can complement chemical control and proactive measures to catch a few bugs that may be caught unawares. The pest extermination team will find suitable places to set the traps, like around entry points. Remember to resist all urges to squash the insects due to the smell they produce.

4. Destroy Breeding Grounds

If you spray pesticides in your house to keep the bugs away and fail to attend to the surrounding, the bugs may eventually find alternative ways to enter your house. So, what will pest control specialists do? They could recommend clearing vegetation, emptying the garbage bin frequently, and storing firewood appropriately. If you don't provide the right breeding grounds for the stink bugs, they'll eventually flee. 

As shown above, you can effectively eliminate stink bugs by working with professionals and following their instructions.

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