Welcome to my site about pest control. I will use this site to focus on the pests that consume blood and leave a trail of itchy welts in their wake.

Can You Control Termites Yourself?

1 December 2021
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Yes, it's possible to control your termite problem without professional exterminators. You'll need professional-grade termite control products, equipment, and extermination guides. With this combination, you should manage to eradicate your termite problem, right?  Not necessarily, because termite control isn't as easy as they make it sound on DIY channels and blogs. Here is why. The Volume of Products Used  Typically, if you opt for DIY termite control, you'll buy a few liters of the professional-grade termiticide. Read More …

Do You Have Pets? How To Keep Fleas Out Of Your House

2 November 2021
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If you have a cat or a dog, then you will want to do whatever you can to keep fleas out of your home. Fleas can irritate your pets, and these pests can also spread to human family members. Fleas can leave itchy bite marks and can potentially carry illnesses like Bartonella ("cat scratch disease"). Here are some tips to help you recognize the signs of an infestation and how to treat it. Read More …

How Commercial Pest Control Can Help Your Restaurant During Summer

2 August 2021
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Summertime is peak time for pests of all shapes and sizes. That's why you need a pest control program in place for the summer period. Commercial pest control can help you to keep your restaurant clean and hospitable for your customers. If pests have plagued your restaurant in the past, or you want to improve on your current pest management practice, consider hiring a commercial pest control service. With their help, your restaurant will benefit in various ways. Read More …

Should You Hire Pest Control Services? 2 Reasons It’s A Wise Decision

2 August 2021
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Sharing your home with pests like mice, squirrels, bats, and termites can be quite annoying and risky because they will contaminate surfaces leading to health problems. They may also cause structural damage to your property, causing you to incur costly repairs. Typically, seeing a single pest roaming in your compound or house may not appear serious to you, and you even dismiss it and consider it harmless. However, it is good to note that most pests are smart in hiding. Read More …

A Pest Control Company May Have Options for Eliminating Your Bed Bug Problem

9 June 2021
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Even if you have scheduled pest control treatments throughout the year, you may still get bed bugs in your home. Bed bugs are resistant to several forms of pesticides, so they can be more difficult to prevent and eliminate than other types of bugs. Bed bugs can still be eliminated, but your pest control company may use treatments such as heat or freezing them with dry ice along with pesticide treatments. Read More …

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Hello, I am Shannon Migel. Welcome to my site about pest control. I will use this site to focus on the pests that consume blood and leave a trail of itchy welts in their wake. The information on this site will cover mosquitoes, fleas, and bed bugs in particular. I will talk about ways to eliminate pests from your home with minimal effort. I will also discuss natural ways to handle bug infestations in the home. I hope you will follow along to learn more about this interesting topic. Thank you for coming by my site about blood sucking bugs.