Learning About Pest Control Practices

Welcome to my site about pest control. I will use this site to focus on the pests that consume blood and leave a trail of itchy welts in their wake.

Why You Should Consider Calling For Crawl Space Encapsulation

20 October 2020
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If your home has a crawl space under it, you will want to think about calling in some contractors for crawl space encapsulation services. Of course, if you have never lived in a home that had the crawl space encapsulated, you might not be fully aware of the benefits of having that done. To help make sure that you are familiar with the benefits of having this work done to your crawl space, you will want to read through the following information: Read More …

3 Big Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Kill A Colony Of Bees On Your Property

13 December 2019
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Have you recently realized that a colony of bees has moved into your home or yard? Do you want them gone because you're afraid that they will sting someone? While bees are important to the environment, they aren't necessarily creatures that you want to share your living spaces with. While some people's instincts might be to go get a can of bug spray or even to call in an exterminator, there are better ways to deal with the situation that you are currently facing. Read More …

2 Outdoor Chores For Keeping Termites Out Of Your House

17 October 2019
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When you have a lot of wooden structures on and inside of your home, you may be worried that termites could find their way into your house and cause major destruction. While termites can be difficult to get rid of, there are a couple of things you can do outside of your house to help keep them from getting inside in the first place. 1.  Trim Any Bushes or Trees Located Near Your House Read More …

Keys To Getting Crawl Space Encapsulation Services

24 June 2019
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If you are trying to make the most out of every single square foot of your house, it's important that you look into the crawl space. This is a section of your home that could go unfilled, could be used as a utility room, or could be enclosed or encapsulated completely. By touching base with contractors that provide you with crawl space encapsulation, you will be able to receive the help you need to improve your home as a whole. Read More …

Desert Pest Control Concerns

15 January 2019
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If you live in more of a desert region, then you are going to have your normal types of pests to worry about, but you may also have some other unpleasant pesky creatures paying your home a visit. Some of them can bring some nasty bites with them. Some others may not bite, but can be scary to find inside. Here are some of the types of pests you may find yourself running into when you live in a desert region. Read More …

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Learning About Pest Control Practices

Hello, I am Shannon Migel. Welcome to my site about pest control. I will use this site to focus on the pests that consume blood and leave a trail of itchy welts in their wake. The information on this site will cover mosquitoes, fleas, and bed bugs in particular. I will talk about ways to eliminate pests from your home with minimal effort. I will also discuss natural ways to handle bug infestations in the home. I hope you will follow along to learn more about this interesting topic. Thank you for coming by my site about blood sucking bugs.